"You dress elegant women. You dress sophisticated women. I dress sluts." Gianni Versace

Lately I've been really obsessing over vintage magazine covers and advertisements, especially ones from the 1990's. I find myself scouring the internet at all hours discovering Cindy on Vogue, Christy for D&G, Naomi, Claudia, and Carla too, and of course Linda. It was the 90's and Linda was everywhere! Old Versace ads are without question the best of the vintage bunch. Back in the days when Versace meant  Gianni and Gianni knew opulence and sass. Hope you enjoy these treasures.  

Not an ad, i know, but I couldn't resist this shot of France's first lady.

The most recent ad of the bunch. Some old superstars ushering in a new generation. Can you name them all?