The Beginning

Blogging…sharing all my ideas and thoughts in cyberspace… can I do this? Well, I’m going to try. I guess there really is no better place to start then at the very beginning:

College was coming to an end and I found myself with 3 choices: Get a job, backpack the world with my friends, or go back to school…

You might think it a no-brainer. Paris, London, maybe Bangkok but when I got into Parsons School of Design in New York I couldn’t pack fast enough to get there. Packing of course was no backpack. It was drawers, and drawers, and drawers of clothes. Old, worn, vintage, and of course as many new pieces as my already seriously stretched budget would allow.

You see - I don’t just love fashion. It’s in my blood. My great-grandmother was one of the best seamstresses Cleveland, Ohio ever saw as one of the most loved alterationists at Rae Phillips, the elegant nameplate of fashion in the 1970’s. She could create or deconstruct a garment in her sleep. Next came my grandmothers who are each a walking fashion show. Neither has ever shown her face to the world with so much as a hair out of place. They live their busy lives in the coordinated splendor of immaculate outfits impossibly put together on a daily basis.

Like I said, I had no choice, It’s in my blood! So I set out for the trek from Toronto to the mecca, New York City and never looked back.

I’ve come to realize that fashion is many things. It is business, beauty, creation, color, finance, marketing, shock value, architecture, geometry and soul.

But most of all, It’s not black and white.

I hope to discover many new shades with you.

Enjoy xx


  1. looks amazing..
    you better be updating frequently..
    i love reading your thoughts..
    mazal tov.
    love you.
    xx mary*

  2. LOVE YOU !
    finally you started a blog!
    i can't wait to see what it becomes.

  3. Hey there JB, your mom sent out a link and coincidentally, Ashley has just decided MIT at Western is suicide and she applied for Fashion Merchandizing at Fanshawe. She has always been our "fashion diva" so in her eyes...you are livin the life. Please keep updating the blog, it's pretty cool that you're doing this....it's in your blood!

  4. Jenny-Pen, its one of your,"living fashion" grandmother in her not very fashionable sweatsuit! I am very proud of you, and Nany would be more than happy to read your blog and to sew or fit any garment, and in no time! She ruined any other available seamstresses for me. Nobody can match her talent.
    Your Blog is amazing, keep it up!
    Lots of love Tuci

  5. ohmygüdness! what a phenomenon!

    i cannot believe you didn't mention the pit-stop in Syracuse en route to fashion city. Like hellOOOoo, DolceGabanna!