Post Wang Post

I showed up early in order to avoid the groupies outside. This ended up being the best idea I’ve had all week. Not only did I beat the crowds outside, but I got to watch the entire run-through with Alex himself sitting front row as his girls strutted by. Really amazing to get tosee it all close up and observe Alex for a few minutes before such an important event.

The show took place at pier 94 which is a massive old airplane hanger. The runway was concrete and y-shaped which was wet all through the center, ringing true to Wang’s edgy aesthetic.

The collection was brilliant. He combined 90's vampire-esque pinstripes, studs, thigh high socks, bootcuts, backpacks (with flowing chiffon scarves), and chunky boots that reminded me of something I had in elementary school. Very updated ‘The Craft’ with finer tailoring.
Such a treat to see Freja, Agy, and Abbey walk as well as Jessica Miller’s quiet return to the catwalk. Lots of love to m.k. for making it all possible.

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