For a long time I’ve held a secret…a fashion thought/preference that many would agree with but never utter in the devil’s kingdom. After this fashion season however, having felt great disappointment and a lack of fabulousness from our mother superior its time to be out with it.

Anna Dello Russo is my favorite Anna. There, phew, said it…
Starting to feel a lot better…

ADR, fashion director at large of Vogue Nippon is 1000 times more imaginative, more colorful, more friendly, and more adventurous that the reigning queen of vogue on this side of the world. She is luxury, she is decadence, and she has a clothing collection that would make every fashion lover weak in the knees.

The extravagant ADR recently talked to Jak & Jil about the things she loves. I thought it appropriate therefore to tell you about the things I love about ADR:
  1. Her bold jewelry and accessories
  2. Her ability to pull of evening wear at noon
  3. Her enthusiasm, passion, and fearlessness
  4. How she dresses as if she herself lives in a magazine editorial
  5. How she has over 4000 pairs of shoes
  6. How behind the glamour and extravagance she actually seems like a genuinely nice person 
If your like me, gaga about ADR, you must click here to see the day Tommy Ton got lucky.


In Paris in Louis Vuitton
In Balmain
After the Lanvin Show in Red Lanvin and Christians
In Dolce and Gabbana
*images via the Sartorialist and Tommy Ton


  1. Not sure who it is-- but the woman in the brown tapers and coral shirt looks supersuper.
    love subtle changes!

    lovely post!


  2. She is the fashion director at large for Vogue Nippon (Japan). Previous to that she worked at L'Uomo Vogue (Italian) for 18 years). She is the most spectacularly put together woman on the planet. Glad you liked the post. I have a huge collection of ADR photos. I'll post more soon!