"Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend." -Lucy Liu

If your like me, always in the mood to score a dazzling sequined gown, gypsy pants you'll never have somewhere (appropriate) to wear, silk boudoir robes, floral spring dresses, leopard, leather, and anything beaded and bejeweled for pennies your in luck!

The wardrobe mecca was once known as the one-stop clothing and costume rental resource for New York's editors, costume designers (film, television, and commercials), and celebrity stylists. Before closing, their famous wardrobe catalog took up an entire floor on 29th street and housed current clothing, 1920's-1990's period costumes, shoes, and accessories. Moreover the library was only available for rental to industry-insiders. 

Very suddenly a couple months ago Odd's and it's owners disappeared. It was unknown where they went, or what happened to the clothes...
Recently the building's owners entered the space planning to renovate Odd's former home and found the entire floor of garments untouched--thousands of pieces still organized by time period and occasion. Rather than unloading the pieces to a rag buyer they've decided to give the public one chance to explore the library and purchase pieces at crazy low prices!

Where: 231 West 29th street 3rd floor

When: Weekdays from 11-4 for the next month
If you can't make it at those times contact Ashley (the wonderful lady who made this all possible) for appointments at actuallyashleynyc@gmail.com. She'll try and make a time that works for you and will be especially agreeable if your a group of 3+ people.

PRICES: Prices range from $10-$50 per piece 
Most things are in the $10-$30 range. We bought over 10 things and nothing was over $20.

It's not black and white loves Ashley so when you go, be nice, bring ca$h, bring your own shopping bags and please don't make a mess! 

***A warning to even the most seasoned nyc vintage shopper. This is not a sale to miss--but please proceed with caution. When you enter you may be verrrry overwhelmed by the sheer amount of garments. Don't stop. Take a deep breath. Find Ashley among the plaid shirts and hooker heels and start pulling. I promise you'll be glad you did!***

Tell Ashley that you read about the sale on 'Its not black and white' for a $5 discount
Happy Thrifting

Rows of shoes in drawers and endless racks of clothing

My Amazing Finds
Leopard blouse with quilted leather shoulders and cuffs $10 
Sequined and pink pleat dress (Which I'll probably shorten) $20
Sheer 'Jasimine' Style Pant $10
Black Silk Robe with Vintage Lace trim and train $10
Red Sequined jacket with neck and cuff detail $20
Floral spring dress with open back $10

S in her new Henry Holland-esque neon and polka dot dress
'Jasmine' Style pant and orange 1980's dress I left behind. It could be yours!


  1. too bad I don't live in NYC :( because I would LOVE to rummage through this room of vintage, thrifting splendor! you found some amazing stuff for incredible prices!
    gimme that red sequined jacket ;) haha

  2. loveeee love it - good job little J

  3. Pretty sure I need to find a plane ticket to NYC ASAP.

  4. u managed to find great pieces like those pants or that pink pleat dress.
    the first quote is awesome

  5. WHYYY does everything good happen when I leave NY. I can't wait to see all of your finds in person!


  6. i'm almost considering the 20 hour plane ride to new york from melbourne just so i can check this out.
    looks brilliant
    blog is mad, and i think ive been inspired by your diy headband :)


  7. Love the vintage dress:)