"Moons and junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy dancing way that you feel, as every fairy tale comes real" -Joni Mitchell

Lately I've been searching for some new accessories to brighten my spring wardrobe and I think I've found the perfect pieces! Carly Kalish's headbands are perfect for spring days, summer nights, beach afternoons, and best of all bad hair days. 

It all began when Carly moved to New York City's Nolita neighborhood and started giving her handmade headbands to friends and family as birthday gifts. People took notice of her distinct style so she decided to take a chance and began selling her creations to New York locals. The headbands are fun, whimsical, and have the ability to bring out one's inner free spirit, so it's no surprise that the trend caught on quickly. 

When she's not frequenting markets and unique city sales in pursuit of rare trim and electrifying fabrics to craft her exceptional pieces, Carly is a therapist and advocate of sex workers and victims of human trafficking. With such heavy encounters on a daily basis the designer really lets her inner bohemian out when crafting these colorful accessories. 

I had the opportunity to hang out with Carly earlier this week and check out the pieces. We had lot of fun and took some great photos of her creations. The headbands come in 3 different styles each with multiple color options and are reasonably priced at $5-$30.  

For more information or to purchase a headband contact the designer directly at carlykalish@gmail.com.
The best part--She let me keep my favorite purple floral crown and I haven't taken it off since!


  1. Jenny B - you are so beautiful! i love you...your accessories..AND your love for Joni Mitchell! xo love Alyssa

  2. These will go wonderfully with my brand new clear heeled stripper shoes...thanks for keeping me in the 'fashion know'

  3. Soooo happy you will be home in t mins 5 DAYSSS!
    now i can borrow this wonderful headband !

  4. I love these. Flowers in your hair is the way to go.
    Awesome blog.

  5. what kinda follower would i be if i didnt comment.?
    so here it is.
    1.im kinda j of your new friend... but i like her style.. so you can keep her.
    2.you pull of those headbands fabulously.
    3. im in love with the gold one (typical)so if you can purchase one for mary.. that would be wonderful..
    4. last but not least. your blog is the shit. and i love it as much as i love you.. and those are big fucking shoes to fill..
    that tis all.
    much love.

  6. you look gorgeous!
    love all of them :D
    tthey really suit you
    love your blog
    stop by some time xx

  7. ah these are amazing!! i love all of them!

  8. hello gorgeousness.
    love carly's headbands, your pic in FASHION, + your blog!!!
    xx shauna

  9. love when my gf blows me with these on