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76 year old Joan Collins in Alexis Bittar's Current Campaign

I don't know about you but I'm big fan of Alexis Bittar's funky and innovative jewelry designs. The Brooklyn born jewelry designer is all about being over the top using materials like hand carved lucite, vintage metalwork, semi-precious stones and my favorite, loads of ghetto gold. 

Bittar does extravagance well, and who better to display this extravagance than Dynasty's queen of over-the-top, Joan Collins. The designer chose her as the model for his Spring ad-campaign--an Alexis(Carrington)-does-Alexis(Bittar) face off of sorts. 

Why Alexis picked her:

"It is rumored that Collins swaggered onto the set of Dynasty eating spoonfuls of beluga caviar and wearing improbably large shoulder pads, driving a pink Thunderbird. She roared around Hollywood in chinchilla stoles and emerald bracelets and was rarely seen without a lover. She blended power, position and authority without losing her femininity...Joan let it be known that style and glamour were tools of  a clever strong woman."

"Joan is a icon of the 80’s excesses. And it was Collins’ style that drew several links to the recent couture shows such as Balmain. Joan consequently served as key inspiration when designing this [Bittar's] latest collection...She represents the flamboyant glamour of the 1980’s and exudes an unparalleled confidence that makes women of all ages feel empowered."

I love the collaboration and think Joan's glamour makes her the perfect ambassador to represent Bittar who is inspired by 1970's extravagance, 1980's punk, and 1930's art deco.  The result, like Joan, is opulent. 

And now a copy of this iconic poster can be yours. Starting Monday the team at Alexis Bittar are starting a contest for a chance to win one of two Joan Collins posters from their Spring 2010 ad campaign. These are the actual posters that were put up during NYC Fashion Week. Winners will be announced on Alexis’ Blog on 4/5. Click here to enter.

I've already entered, but if the poster can't be mine I'd love for one of you to have it.

Good Luck xx

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