The Maximalist Revolution is Coming

One of the best shows that I went to this year at Toronto’s LG fashion week was Romanian designer Lucian Matis. He got his start as the runner up on Project Runway Canada, but after the show he put on, he’s a winner in my books.

The collection was prominently grand evening gowns in black with touches of grays, blues and warm gold’s. We also saw ruffles, massive hair bows, puffy shoulders and lace accents, most topped off with full-length Spanish tango gloves. Only Matis could pull off such huge statements while maintaining a look that was both elegant and glamorous. 

Another showstopper was the exquisite jewelry designed by Karen McFarlane. Made of beads, metal, wood, Tiger’s eye, and onyx, the necklaces and bracelets made a maximalist statement. 

I had the chance to meet both designers backstage after the show. Here are 5 Questions For Lucian Matis and Karen Mcfarlane:
1. Describe the collection in 3 words:
          “Intricate, Glamorous, Eclectic”
2. What was the biggest inspiration when designing the collection?
          “Romanian literature and folklore”
3. Who is your Design Hero?
          Matis: "Gaudi"
          McFarlane: "Delacroix"
4. The collection had amazing prints so I asked Matis to tell me a little bit about them. His response:
          “The prints have been inspired by Byzantine art. It’s very rich, lush and intricate and its got a lot of texture. It’s quite mad."
5. What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
          Matis: “I’m lazy at times. I hate it but I am!”
          McFarlane: “I’m a very devoted grandmother”


  1. this collection screams folklore everywhere, I love how designers incorporate this influences in such armonic ways out together making formal gowns

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  3. so sad i missed this show!
    pics are amazing!