Ice Ice Baby

35 Ice sculptors 
6 Days
15 Trucks
265 Tonnes of snow and ice flown in from Scandinavia 

That is what it took Karl Lagerfeld to completely transform The Grand Palais into the arctic wonderland that acted as the backdrop for Chanel's A/W 2010 show.  The ability to dream and act with such grandeur says a lot about Karl Lagerfeld's imagination, creativity, perception, and budget. He reinvented the classic tweed jacket (with fur trim), updated the 2.55 bag (with fur patches), and re-imagined evening bags (as fur snowballs).  Most surprising however was that the yeti boots, fur trousers, fur bags and mohair coats were all faux. "It's so good now, technical advances are so prefect you can hardly tell fake fur from the real thing...Fake is not chic--but fake fur is" explained Karl backstage after the show. Personally, I've always preferred real fur, and worn my grandmother's hand-me-down's (including a beautiful white Dior mink thankyouverymuch) proudly--but if the faux is good enough for Karl, it's good enough for me.   

Overly excessive? Maybe. 
A statement on global warming? Unlikely.
Completely crazy Karl and unprecedented? Definitely.

*images via style.com and Reuters


  1. incredible. indescribably. i am dyingggg.

    but nothing beats your dior

  2. i'd risk looking like chewbaca for lagerfeld fur