Radiant Crown

Without question, studs were one of the knockout trends shown by designers last season. We saw them fly from the A/W 2009 and S/S 2010 runways onto every possible place incuding bags (Alexander Wang, Balenciaga), Jewelry (Burberry, Noir), Jackets (Bess, Christopher Kane), Denim (Current Elliott, Alice and Olivia) and Shoes (Balenciaga, Gucci).

Now, there is yet another place we can ornament ourselves...On our heads! This Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci spiked headband is the perfect edgy New York girl item, but with a $500 price tag, is a little steep for a hair accessory. 
My friend S however, had an absolute 'I want it I need it' moment and almost took the plunge...Thankfully, she came to her senses--no glorified barrette is worth half your rent. This was the perfect opportunity for a little DIY! 
(Note: You should know that fashion students love a designer DIY like Derek Z loves an orange mocha frapp)
What you'll need:
Headband (Try any accessories store)
Black leather (Try trim/fabric stores)
Studs, 6 big spikes, 5 flat squares (Try trim stores like M&J)
How to:
  1. Measure the leather so it is the right size to wrap around the entire headband
  2. Measure and mark where you want the studs to be. Start at the temple with a big spike and alternate with flat square studs.
  3. Press the studs through the leather. Depending on the thickness of the leather you may need to use pliers.
  4. Once the studs and spikes are firmly pulled through the leather, wrap the leather around the headband and glue into place.
  5. Allow the glue to dry overnight.
  6. Wear it out proudly. Ignore bridge and tunnel creeps who tell you you look like the statue of liberty--they don't know shit. 
The Result

*images via me, Tommy Ton, and Givenchy


  1. Nice!

    I wanted to invite you to visit my collages fashion blog: BlueisinFashionthisYear.com
    Thank you :)

  2. i really love this DIY! the feeling of creating something that you love for a fraction of the price is just SO GOOD!!!

    xx come visit!

  3. superrrr cool head band *running to make one