Accidental Treasure

I find it extremely difficult to take pictures at fashion shows from anywhere but the photographers pit (see my earlier post on Willow for more on my pit experience). Whether its a speedy model, poor lighting, a seat too close, or one too far, I always manage to end up with an album that is 95% blurry, crooked, and downright bad.
I took the photo above during the packed Joe Fresh show at LGFW last month. It captures nothing I hoped it would. Right away however I could tell that it was one of the exceptions. A photo so bad its good. Something about the blurry audience and the model's fire red hair against the white fur coat made me fall in love with this shot.


  1. this shot is absolutely amazing!!! i want to be able to do that :D
    her hair is awesome too

  2. yes, I would agree.
    This is such a great photograph!
    lucky you, I want your job ;)

  3. totally by accident but turned out great!